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Trigate: The Fourth Age




Planar Council

The Recreancy


Adventurer's Guild - Pays for exploration, clear out, general assistance

Bone Watch - Organization focusing on complete exploitation of animantic powers

The Broadcast - Strange biotechnical lifeforms that spread via radio

Brothers of Lightning - Rogue mechanical constructs

Circle of Teeming Depths - Group of mages in touch with abyssal creatures that grant them power

The Crawling Gods - A race of eldritch parasites that take complete control of their host

Druids of Green Blood - Organization dedicated to the renewal of nature against the stead of civilization, even with violence

Fraternity of Travellers - A founded body dedicated to those who travel frequently. Maps, lodging, etc

The Masks of Man - A group dedicated to stealing divine power from the Children for their own ends

Planar Militia - The army in service of the Planar Council

Slavers of Klanexxi - Alien beings that raid and take slaves, hire natives with promises of power

Worldbreakers - Beings of great power, alien goals and agendas


Barrelweise - Organization dedicated to the crafting and creation of various beverages and foodstuff

Council Sentinels - Law enforcement working directly under the Council

Censured Legions - Rebels under military service against the Council

The Crown of Chains - Organization looking to control Council politics

Free Merchants Collective - Largest merchant's guild

Hocatto Mercenary Company - Largest freelance mercenary company

Manyblood Clutch - Rogue creations of Hemomancers

Priory of Scrawl - Scholastic organization dedicated to preserving literary works, maintaining libraries

Redcapes - Largest courier and messenger organization

Wizenfarth - Wizard's Guild, dedicated to arcane pursuit

Zoneseek's Chosen - Elite military force of the Council


Dogcloaks - Bounty Hunters

League of Eyes - Largest thieves guild

Magefall Coterie - Group dedicated to hunting down and imprisoning or exterminating arcane threats

Ruby Lens Syndicate - Major crime syndicate

Thieves of Starlight - Cult dedicated to empowering themselves with celestial elements

Vampire Counts - A collective of vampires dedicated to preserving themselves by rulership, not hiding

Vaunted Ghosts - Spies in service of the council

Planar Guide

Council Aligned Planes

Contested Planes

Recreancy Claimed Planes

Non-Engaged Planes

Aggressive Third Parties




Portal Flux

Magic across the Planes

Theurgic Matrix

Pyromancy Hydromancy Aeromancy Terramancy Naturamancy Animancy Dynamancy Mutomancy Astromancy Totamancy Luxomancy Hemomancy

The Infinite Children

Skills and Trades

Trigate Skill Packages



Boat Ogre




Trigate Sandbox