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Being one of the first magical arts to be entirely developed and conceived at schools of magic, Dynamancy, or Dynatheurgy as the actual practice of Dynamancy is referred as, is the arcane manipulation of magic to achieve effects based around different universal forces, primarily electricity, magnetism and gravity.

Dynamancy didn't see the beginning of its development until the Second Age, with it coming firmly into its own during the Third Age. Since the art requires the understanding of advanced concepts, Dynamancers tend to draw a certain level of attention to beings in more uncivilized areas. In civilized areas, their magic is seen as a boon for many crafts, and it isn't unusual for a traveling Dynamancer to be able to earn coin in the places he visits.

Spells manipulating individual aspects of these forces have always existed, but there was never a unifying school for them. Most spells that were electrical in nature were conjured by Aeromancers manipulating storms and summoning lightning. Magnetism was seen as a trick to Terramancers.

Dynamancers today are one of the more prevalent schools of magic, but not as popular as the elemental magics. With the power of these dynamic forces at their fingertips, many Dynamancers are able to find roles in either industry or adventuring.

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