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Being one of the newest arcane arts embraced by the Planar Council, Hemomancy, or Hemotheurgy as the actual use of the art is called, is the arcane manipulation of magic to achieve effects based around blood, the body and sentience.

Forms of Hemomancy have been practiced by varying cultures through the years, but it wasn't until meeting with several of them in the Third Age that the various universities and colleges across the planes began research into Hemomancy. Since its addition to the magical repertoire is still relatively new, Hemomancers are uncommon.

Being able to control many aspects of their own bodies and the bodies of others, Hemomancers can generally find employ in roles that either heal or harm. The more esoteric capabilities they possess, such as the creation of new life and sentience is often faced with bewilderment or fear. Animating stone, metal or other materials to move on their own or creating entirely new forms of life from scratch give them a large pool of tools to work with.

In the Fourth Age, Hemomancers are growing in number and it isn't uncommon for a freshly graduated student to attempt tutelage back where they had originally called home. They are generally in high demand in various areas, with war against the Recreancy calling a high number of them. On the front lines, Hemomantic forges are capable of creating and repairing weapons and armor quicker than many expert smiths. The primary advantage Hemomancers have in the war however, is that the Recreant forces seemingly have no knowledge of the art, giving the Planar Council the upper hand in battle.

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