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Naturamancy, or the practice of it which is known as Naturatheurgy is an old form of magic that is popular among the worlds of the Planar Council. Naturamancy is the arcane manipulation of magic to achieve effects based around nature, plants and beasts.

Many primitive cultures practiced forms of Naturamancy, ranging from spells that controlled or manipulated beasts to assisting crops and manipulating the landscape. After the magical schools came to fruition as of the First Age, Naturamancers were able to meet and further define the art. Those considered to be beastmasters or druids would be able to expand their art into other branches of now available to them.

As the exact nature of flora and fauna varies across the planes, Naturamancers instead learn to work within the scope of specific collections, such as fungus, trees, felines and insects. If spells had to be learnt for each individual type of creature or plant, they would have the largest collections of spells of any of the magical arts!

With their library of abilities, Naturamancers have no difficulty finding places to put thier craft to use. Many larger farming communities or cities hire them to assist with crops, and in many worlds they also are used to assist with herd animals or in nature preserves. If it wasn't for Naturamancers, some worlds wouldn't be able to grow plants as a foodstuff, severely limiting their growth. With their control over the wilds, they often make welcome additions to scouting parties or those traversing great lengths through nature.

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