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I: Language

a). Body Language

a.1). Facial Expressions
a.2). Physical Contact
a.3). Gestures
a.3). Personal Space
a.4). Eye Contact

b). Slang

c). Common Phrases

d). Slurs

e). Volume and Tone of Voice

f). Writing Style

II: Religion

a). Doctrines

b). Explanation Myths

c). Private Worship Practices

c.1). Commonality of Practices

d). Concept of Life / Birth

e). Concept of Death

e.1). Afterlife
e.2). Burial Practices

f). Sins

g). Virtues

h). Infinite Children

h.1). Favored Children
h.2). Unfavored Children
h.3). Synergy with Local Beliefs

III: Economics

a). Currency

a.1). Powered by
a.2). Planar Exchange Rate

b). Exports

c). Imports

d). Common Market Stalls

e). Concept of Amenities

f). Economic Classes

g). Perception of Ownership

h). Economic Structures

h.1). Guilds and Companies
h.2). Trading Partners
h.3). Trading Routes

i). Criminalized Items

IV: Politics

a). Government Structure and Organization

a.1). Head of State
a.2). Branches
a.3). Political Parties
a.4). Hierarchy of State

b). Core Values

c). Laws

c.1). Morality Code Structure
c.2). Judiciary System
c.3). Enforcement
c.4). Punishment
c.5). Rights

d). Relations

d.1). With Citizens
d.2). With Other Nations
d.2.1). Allies
d.2.2). Enemies
d.2.3). Propaganda
d.3). With Other Planes
d.3.1). Notable Relationships

e). Military

e.1). Structure
e.1.1). Leadership
e.1.2). Divisions
e.2). Public Relations
e.3). Strength
e.4). Specialties
e.4.1). Tactics
f). Funding

V: Food

a). Diet

a.1). Nutrition
a.2). Pleasure Foods

b). Special Meals

c). Recipes

d). Taboos

VI: Rites of Passage

a). Adolescence

b). Adulthood

c). Religious

VII: Cultural Norms

a). Traditions

b). Holidays

c). Important Values

d). Popular Culture

d.1). Counter Culture
d.2). Idols / Heroes

e). Careers

e.1). Common
e.2). Admirable / Popular
e.3). Unwanted
e.4). Work Ethic

f). Attitudes Towards

f.1). Children and Elders
f.2). Undesirables
f.3). Nature
f.3.1). Livestock and Pets
f.3.2). Econatural versus Supernatural Creatures (Maginatural, Deinatural, Psinatural)
f.4). Competition Vs. Cooperation
f.5). Conduct
f.6). What is Pain?
f.7). What is Pleasure?
f.8). Racial Views
f.8.1). Diversity of Species Vs. Segregation of Species
f.8.2). Council Species Vs. Non-Council Species
f.9). Planar Council
f.10). Users of Power
f.10.1). Wizards
f.10.2). Prophets
f.10.3). Psions

g). Sports and Entertainment

g.1). Recreational Activities
g.1.1). Games
g.1.2). Drugs
g.1.3). Crafts

h). Dress

h.1). Jewelry
h.2). Tattoos
h.3). Social Class Dress Code

i). Gender Roles

j). Ethics

k). Taboos

l). Important Skill

m). Sources of Power

m.1). Arcane Magic
m.2). Divine Magic
m.3). Psionics

VIII: Arts

a). Concept of Beauty

b). Concept of Art

b.1). Appreciation
b.2). Inspirations
b.3). Commercial Use

c). Art Forms

c.1). Music
c.2). Canvas Arts
c.3). Crafting
c.4). Sculpture
c.5). Performance
c.5.1). Theatre
c.5.2). Dance
c.5.3). Songs
c.6). Literature
c.6.1). Prose and Poetry
c.6.2). Legends
c.6.3). Stories
c.7). Fashion
c.8). Architecture

IX: Relationships

a). Family

a.1). Structure
a.2). Household System
a.2.1). Partners
a.2.2). Parents
a.2.3). Children
a.2.4). Extra Family

b). View of Relationships

b.1). Structure
b.2). Marital Practices
b.3). Interspecies Relationships

c). Sex

c.1). Courting
c.2). Taboos
c.3). Attractiveness
d). Friendships
d.1). Values
d.2). Trust
e). Rivalry

X: Science and Technology

a). Education

a.1). Highest Level and Subjects
a.2). Common Level and Subjects

b). Technology

b.1). Infrastructure
b.2). Production
b.3). Weaponry
b.4). Transportation

c). Medicine

c.1). Sanitation
c.2). Diseases
c.3). Healthcare

d). Agriculture

d.1). Animal Husbandry

e). Research

XI: Powers

a). Arcane Magic

a.1). Arcane Structures
a.1.1). Guilds and Lodges
a.1.2). Universities
a.2). Preferences of Arcane Schools
a.3). Treatment of Wizards

b). Divine Magic

b.1). Divine Structures
b.1.1). Religious Institutions
b.1.2). Shrines
b.2). Treatment of Prophets
b.3). Acceptance of Cults

c). Psionics

c.1). Psionic Structures
c.1.1). Guilds and Societies
c.1.2). Universities
c.2). Treatment of Psions

XII: Planar Council Membership

a). Planar Representatives

b). Contribution to the Planar Militia

c). Common Voting Practices

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