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This is a combination of questions/data from different sources:

CIA Nation Template (



-Background: Some info about your country


-Location: Give precise geographical information (where exactly on the continent, bordering countries, bordering seas/oceans) -Map References: continent it is located in -Area: size -Total: If you have a precise number, if not, what rank is it in terms of size? -Comparative: give real-world references for size, you can also use other countries from your world -Climate: Give a precise description of your country's climate(s) -Terrain: Give informations about mountains, plains, etc... -Elevation: Highest & lowest points -Natural Resources: Ores, animals, special lands, etc... -Land use: agricultural land %, (arable land, permanent crops & permanent pasture %), forest %, other % -Irrigated land: -Major: (All separate bullets) Lakes, rivers, watersheds -Population Distribution: -Natural Hazards: -Geographical Notes: Things that don't fit into any other categories but are still notable

People and Society:

-Nationality: What the people are called, the adjective given -Ethnicities: Majority and minorities -Languages: Official languages, dialects -Religions: Percentages, is there a state religion? -Population: How many people live there? -Species: Breakdown by species? %'s -Age structure: -0-20: percentage -20-50: percentage -50-65: percentage -65+: percentage -Median age: Average age for the population -Life expectancy: What age can people hope of getting to? -Fertility: How many children, in average, per woman


-Name: Short and long form, local name, short and long

-Government type:

-Capital: -Dependent areas: Overseas territories, colonies, etc... -Major towns: -Administrative divisions: Parishes, Counties, etc. -National Holidays: Date, Background -Citizenship: Is it given at birth? Can you have it by descent? Can you have multiple citizenships? Can you have naturalization, when? -Suffrage: Voting age, if voting exists

-Executive branch:

-Head of state: Who represents the state: Position and name -Head of government: Who runs the government: Position and name -Elections: Describe the election process

(Replace with Governance), List of roles/parties that are part of ruleship

-Legislative branch:

-Description: -Elections: -Flag description: -National Symbols: -National anthem: Name and history


-Overview: Give a detailed overview of the nation's economy -Currency: What currency does this nation use? -GDP: Give your nation's total GDP and its rank in the world, you can go more in-depth if you want: growth, per capita, saving and composition -Agriculture: What are your country's main revenue sources from agriculture -Industries: What are your country's main revenue sources from industry -Labour force: How many people are working, what's the worldwide rank? What are the occupation percentages? -Budget: Revenues and expenditures -Taxes: -Exports Partners & Commodities: -Imports Partners & Commodities: -Notes: Other informations about your country's economy


-Roadways: -Waterways: -Railways: -Ports and terminals:

Military and Security:

-Military branches: Give the military's different branches and their names -Service age: What is the minimum age to join the military, what are the genders? Is there conscription or service obligation? -Military expenditures: military budget and world rank -Nuclear armament: Is it a nuclear power? How many weapons? What is the world rank? -Disputes: National and worldwide conflicts, with whom? Any territorial disputes? -Illicit Drugs:


-Preceded By: -Founded: -Independence: -First <Leader Role>: -Followed By: (If applicable)

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