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Another one of the more basic forms of magic and thus also more popular, Aeromancy, or Aerotheurgy which is the practice of it is known as, is the arcane manipulation of magic to achieve effects based around wind, sound, and storms. Through controlling storms, they can summon lightning, rain and horrific winds that can destroy all but the most sturdy of structures.

Controlling the weather is one of the most basic forms of Aeromancy, and many primitive cultures had things similar to the rain dance. Calling the rain to help crops is possible where Aeromancy started, but as of today, Aeromancers are capable of many more things, though some still find work aiding farming communities and generally assisting with the weather.

Modern Aeromancers can find work doing many more things than just changing the weather, however. Some find work on sailing vessels or even communities where wind power is used for mechanical labor. They are also capable when it comes to combat, with sonic spells turning people in plate armor to nothing more than jelly or tearing away flesh and bone with shearing winds.

As with many of the older schools, the First Age is where the art of Aeromancy really came into fruition. A meeting of the minds with various Aeromancers started shaping the school until it took on a form similar to how it is known today. Aeromancers are amongst the most numerous of wizards, as their capacity for flight captures the imagination of many who see it for the first time. This ultimate form of freedom is what drives many to consider practicing Aeromancy, with the other applications of the art following suit.

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