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Pyromancy, or Pyrotheurgy as the practice of Pyromancy is called, is the arcane manipulation of magic to achieve effects based around fire, heat and thermal energy. Pyromancy is believed to be one of the most ancient forms of magical manipulation practiced, and all major cultures have practiced it.

Fire has always fascinated people, and it is no mistake that the development of firebuilding and the utilization of fire are considered to be amongst the first steps towards developing civilizations. Beings who develop Pyromantic powers were either embraced or feared in primitive society, but the usefulness of fire was never under question.

These days Pyromancy is one of the more popular forms of magic existing across the planes, even with its limited scope. Many Pyromancers have been captivated by the flames all their life, and the development of the capabilities to control it is a worthwhile goal.

In the First Age, with the construction of the first Wizard's College on Terrus, Pyromancers for the first time were able to bring knowledge of their magic to a centralized forum to learn, discuss and expand their magic. Some Pyromancers had developed spells to control heat more so than flames, and others could even manipulate lava and magma. A unified art began to form combining all aspects of fire, which took Pyromancy from being a primitive art to an enlightened one.

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