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  • strength.png Strength is a character's physical power. It is a measure of their might and the character's capability to exert force through their body.
  • dexterity.png Dexterity represents a character's physical grace, agility, reflexes and balance. It generally also is used to measure hand-eye coordination.
  • constitution.png Constitution is a character's physical durability. It measures health, stamina and overall vitality.
  • appearance.png Appearance measures a character's physical beauty. As beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it's more of a capability of presentation and allure.
  • intelligence.png Intelligence is a character's mental power. It represents their ability to learn, reason and their general intellect.
  • perception.png Perception represents a character's mental grace. It measures their sense of awareness and capability to observe details.
  • will.png Will measures a character's mental durability. It is a character's capability to fight pain, fear, insanity and the like.
  • charisma.png Charisma is a character's mental beauty. It measures their general force of personality and influence.
  • psyche.png Psyche measures a character's spiritual power. It is a character's sense of ardor and strength of their spirit.
  • luck.png Luck is a character's spiritual grace. It measures the character's sense of chance and how beneficial their fate may be.
  • focus.png Focus represents a character's spiritual durability. It is their sense of resolve and capability to withstand harm to their soul.
  • aura.png Aura is a character's spiritual beauty. It helps determine standing during first impressions and is important in dealings with the supernatural.
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