Mochewoma (of Calinago)

as found in the pages of the Zd10 Wiki
Xenonym Mochewoma
Status Friendly
Home Plane Calinago
Morphology Crustaceanal Decitaur
Typoid Crustaceanoid
Native Languages Mochecant
Lifespan 300 Years
Height Data 4'2" — 3'8"
Weight Data 230lbs — 200lbs
Carapace Colors Maroon, Dark Red, Dark Blue, Yellow
Marking Colors Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Pink
Eye Colors Yellow, Orange, White
Physical Distinctions Prefers to walk sideways, eyestalks
Racial Subcultures Kelp-Gardeners, Benthics
Favored Terrain Shallows, Reefs, Oceans
Properties Mochewoma Properties

Once, our raft got caught in some choppy waves and we ended up stuck in a reef far off from the beach. Luckily some Mochewoma saw us and after a few hours, managed to patch up our raft enough for us to be able to get home before sunset.

I returned a week later and gave them a bunch of goods our wives had given us to present to them.

We've been trading with them ever since!

Agwe Paz, Karayib Elven Fisherman








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