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Intelligent life generally comes in one of three types:

  • Sapient life has achieved sapience. Technically, sapience is the ability to think and solve problems; intelligence in the strict sense.
  • Sentient life has achieved sentience. Sentience is awareness, including the ability to experience pleasure or pain (or analogous drives and experiences) and make predictions about the future. A sentient being is sapient to at least some degree, and sentience is, in turn, a prerequisite for sophonce.
  • Sophont life has achieved sophonce. Sophonce is sentience and sapience with metacognition: self-awareness, including self-reflection and the ability to think about one's thinking.

This category includes all beings who are considered sophonts, whether they be minor, medium, major, or planar.

  • Planar Sophonts have spread their society and civilization across more than a single plane.
  • Major Sophonts have spread their civilization across a single plane only.
  • Medium Sophonts have a civilization, but it exists only in a region on a plane.
  • Minor Sophonts haven't reached a level where they have any form of civilization.


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