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Concepts can be thought of as classes, archetypes, professions, or jobs in the adventuring sense. Some are generic while there are others that are very specific. There are some that are open about their existence and others that are secretive. Many of them have large numbers of adherents while others are extremely rare.

Though they aren't categorized in any official way, here on the wiki I categorize them the following way to ease with sorting:

  • Melee Combatants are concepts that specialize in melee combat.
  • Ranged Combatants are concepts that prefer to engage in combat with ranged weaponry.
  • Those of Guile are concepts that rely on stealth, wit, and agility.
  • Magic Users are concepts that are based on the use of Arcane Magic.
  • Practitioners of the Divine are concepts that are based on the use of Divine Magic.
  • Masters of the Mind are concepts that are based on the use of Psionics.
  • Spiritual Negotiators are concepts that communicate with, manipulate, or force spirits for their benefit.
  • Maestros of Music are concepts that revolve around the use of music that can go beyond the norm.
  • Tinkers of Technology are concepts that utilize technology.
  • Education and Acumen are concepts that are linked to higher education in some field.
  • Damned by Daemons are concepts that are knowledgeable of the daemons and utilize their power.
  • The Odd Ones Out are concepts that have access to some other type of power.
  • Hybrids are concepts that generally combine two specialties into a single one.

Planar Concepts exist in a cultural context on various worlds and can be thought of the progenitor for many of the more broad concepts above, though unique in their own ways.

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