Trigate Concepts

as found in the pages of the Zd10 Wiki

Here you can find a list of sample skill packages, but as you can technically combine any skills you wish, you can create your own!

Melee Combatants

  • Warrior — Anyone can pick up a weapon and fight, but not everyone can be a true fighter. The Warrior is a basic combatant, but that gives them a lot of potential for growth.
  • Weaponmaster — Variety is the spice of life, and for the Weaponmaster that applies to their preferred method of fighting. Instead of specializing, they prefer to be knowledgeable in many weapon types.
  • Soldier — Soldiers are trained in a specific fighting style; their culture typically determines their weapon selection and training, which can be quite varied based on cultural norms.
  • Knight — A warrior aristocrat, skilled in war and steeped in social grace. Most come from powerful noble families, while others are minor nobles or even commoners who evince some skill at arms.
  • Martial Artist — Specializing in a variety of hand-to-hand combat styles, the martial artist combines skill and tradition and fights either with their fists or other weapons.
  • Duelist — Nobody specializes in one-versus-one combat like a duelist! Learning from a variety of sports-like fighting styles and employing finesse, their training ensures they excel in the art of the duel.
  • Bushi — Skilled warriors trained in a particular fighting style known either as Iaido or Battojutsu. Capable of quickly drawing their weapons and dealing damage in a lightning strike.
  • Marshal — A trained warrior skilled in leadership and getting the most out of his fellow men, raising morale and inspiring courage on the battlefield.
  • Berserker — By entering a rage-trance state, these warriors push their bodies to the limit and find themselves capable of cleaving through foes and ignoring pain. Some even attain the legendary state of Riastrad.
  • Gladiator — Whether for sport, money, fame or for no other choice being available, some people take up arms for the sake of entertainment. To a Gladiator, the performance is just as important as the battle prowess.
  • Cavalier — Cavaliers are skilled at fighting whilst mounted, and are often found charging across a battlefield and decimating their enemies. Their mounts are an extension of themselves, a tool and a weapon.
  • Crusader — These warriors dedicate themselves to a cause, the symbol of their order trailing on a long, fluttering banner. Their power comes from conviction, oaths, and challenges of their cause.
  • Swashbuckler — Swashbucklers rely on speed, agility, daring and panache over brute strength. Parries and ripostes make them slippery in combat.
  • Matador — Being trained in both speechcraft and weaponry, the matador is as graceful an actor as they are a combatant. Their words can bite as much as their weapons.
  • Rikishi — Large, bulky warriors that specialize in grappling and throwing their weight around the battlefield. Their bodies are capable of taking quite a bit of punishment.
  • Shieldwall — Though to many a shield is a defensive tool, these warriors excel and master its use in many forms. Even in the midst of combat, they tend to focus more on defense.
  • Descendent — In your body lies a hidden heritage that you can make manifest and potentially embrace and master. Drawing upon it gives you unique powers and capabilities.
  • Paramander — Whether it's through blood or training, these combatants specialize in disrupting phenomena and the supernatural. Whether it's the arcane, divine, psionic or something else, they have no fear.
  • Wukong — Given abilities and training from Primordial Monkeys, these combatants specialize in mobility, trickery, and uncertainty in combat to keep their edge.
  • Beastmaster — Not only do you run and fight with beasts, but you can also command them to aid you in battle. Graced with their gifts, you are a capable combatant with many different abilities available to you.
  • Kensai — Dedicated to the mastery of a specific type of weapon, their training and skill allows the weapon to almost become like an extension of their body. Like a painter's brush, their weapon is a tool of expression.
  • Kopiatze — Either through training or skill, the Kopiatze is capable of eidetic kinesthesia and thus can mimic techniques and styles used by others through simple observation. Kopiatze are not to be underestimated.
  • Kraftkarl — There are some who take physical strength and prize it above all else. They are capable of legendary feats of pure brawn and what your local strongman aspires to be.

Ranged Combatants

  • Harrier — Focusing on smaller ranged weapons, these combatants specialize on mobility, skirmishing, and hit-and-run tactics. They are also generally trained at being able to fire whilst moving.
  • Marksman — Masters of ranged weapons, Marksmen are the pinnacle of training and skill with their weapons. Capable of using all but the heaviest of weapons and capable of long ranges.
  • Bowcaster — Treating their bows almost like a wand, Bowcasters temporarily enchant their ammunition to achieve a wide array of effects making them effective in numerous situations.
  • Tracker — Trained to raise and fight with their hound, Trackers make capable bounty hunters and are able to rely on their hounds to have their back. Some worlds have hounds with supernatural abilities!

Those of Guile

  • Thief — Masters of pure, unbridled stealth and thievery. Being capable of far less than some others means that the Thief is free to truly shape their destiny.
  • Daredevil — Bodies unbound, fluid movement and unmatched grace are the tools of the Daredevil, making them agile combatants and more than capable cat-burglars.
  • Rogue — Sometimes called brutes or thugs, stealth alone isn't always enough to get the job done. The Rogue has enough training to be a deadly nuisance.
  • Ranger — When it comes to setting traps and ambush tactics, nobody beats a Ranger. Through guile and stealth in nature, anyone crossing through the wilds wants to be on their good side.
  • Picaro — Some thieves find themselves adventuring not only with their dexterity, but their wit and social graces. A Picaro tends more towards being carefree than criminality.
  • Shinobi — Trained and skilled in ninpō and ninjutsu, they use their stealthy nature to great advantage. Generally broken into different clans or tribes, some with almost mystical training.
  • Spindel — The Primordial Spiders train these already stealthy beings and grant them additional gifts of webcraft, the production of venom, and climbing abilities while additionally honing their instincts.
  • Wadjet — Masters of subterfuge, venomcraft, and hypnosis, the charming Wadjet are granted their gifts from the ancient Primordial Serpents. If mesmerism won't help their cause they can fall back on their stealth.
  • Trickster — Slippery, tricky, sneaky... there's a lot of words that can describe these tricky devils. Tricksters tend to be flamboyant, after all, if nobody sees a trick, what good is it?
  • Ghost — Some individuals have a preternatural connection with shadows and the realm of spirits, as if they are the physical embodiment of a ghost. This grants them an almost magical suite of abilities.
  • Revolutionary — Anarchists, insurrectionists or rebels, Revolutionaries stand for freedom, the lower strata of social classes and oppose anyone who would use rank or power to control others.
  • Loreseeker — While some may prefer the wealth of coin, to a Loreseeker there is no greater wealth than knowledge: the more ancient, forgotten or secret the better!

Magic Users

  • Artificer — Skilled in and capable of constructing magical devices, enchantments, and even constructs. Artificers are incapable of casting spells on their own but this gives them a lot of arcane knowledge.
  • Wandslinger — While not as capable as a fully dedicated wizard, Wandslingers have access to a far wider variety of spells and abilities that specialists are incapable of matching.
  • Witch — There are powerful beings of eldritch and supernatural power that can be found if you know how to look, though some are less willing to part with their power unless a bargain is made.
  • Kahunga — The pinnacle of two separate arts practiced by one planes's Kahuna and the other planes's Tohunga, a Kahunga uses their body as a grimoire. Each tattoo holds both a story and a spell.
  • Rummage — Also called Junk Mages, a Rummage is an individual who, somehow, makes arcane magic work uniquely on their terms; through scraping together spells from bits of a dream, half-formed true names, or theoretical thaumaturgy.
  • Wizard — Due to the processes required to develop, memorize and practice arcane arts, Wizards are specialized arcane casters capable of powerful feats. Each type of wizard specializes in a different area.
    • Pyrotheurgist — Fire, Heat, and Magma
    • Hydrotheurgist — Water, Cold, and the Ocean
    • Aerotheurgist — Wind, Sound, and Storms
    • Terratheurgist — Stone, Metal, and Gems
    • Naturatheurgist — Nature, Plants, and Beasts
    • Anitheurgist — Life and Death, Spirits and Souls
    • Dynatheurgist — Electricity, Magnetism, and Gravity
    • Mutotheurgist — Acid, Radiation, and Toxins
    • Astrotheurgist — Suns, Moons, and Stars
    • Omnotheurgist — Reality, Time, and Magic
    • Luxotheurgist — Light and Dark, Color, and Illusions
    • Hemotheurgist — Blood, the Body, and Sentience

Practitioners of the Divine

  • Prophet of [Child] — Prophets are the messengers of the Divine Children, capable of divine acts of magic and faith and performing phenomena relevant to the purview of their Child's domain.
  • Friar — Wandering in the name of the Divine Children, the Friar has a more worldly look and role and is thus more talented in things outside of the divine, including being able to defend themselves.
  • Totemist — A special totemic beast guides you, potentially sharing your body and mind and granting you a portion of it's power and skill; this leads to effectively becoming closer to the natural world.
  • Mystic — There are divine fragments, akin to spirits, of various things everywhere in the world though they are generally ignored. The Mystic interacts with them, working with them to accomplish their goals.
  • Incarnation — When one of the Divine Children needs to be certain something goes their way, they are known to possess beings and grant them a fraction of their powers, making them nearly demi-gods.
  • Godhand — Some beings pray and worship for divine favor, others are born into it. A godhand literally reaches out and grabs divine power for themselves. The power they draw can be too much to handle.
  • Relicsmith — Like the reliquarians of old, Relicsmiths work with artifacts and objects of divine nature. The difference is that Relicsmiths have found ways to craft new devices imbued with divine power.
  • Oathblade — The Divine Children often have need for tasks to be completed in a more stealthy and focused approach, which is where an Oathblade comes in; the combination of stealth and divine guidance made manifest.
  • Oracle — Oracles are individuals that are granted divine power without a choice, selected by providence to wield powers that they do not fully understand. They tend to venerate the Divine Children that share their beliefs.
  • Accursed — An Accursed made a mistake, offending one of the Divine Children and gaining their enmity. They bear the weight of a curse. However, others have buckled under this weight, but they share its burden with others.
  • Reborn — Those labeled as Reborn are individuals who nearly died but for some reason did not. They now have the ability to break back into the afterlife in which they would have been sent.

Masters of the Mind

  • Psion — The undoubted masters of the mind, Psions are the most capable of all mentalists and have access to numerous disciplines and psionic methods giving them a lot of potential.
  • Imagimage — Some mentalists specialize in the creation of beings constructed of psychoplasm from their minds and using them to interact with the world in ways the Imagimage couldn't.
  • Adept — Focusing inward allows them to enhance themselves to elevate almost to a state of being a living weapon, honing their bodies and minds. They can truly push themselves beyond normal limits.
  • Vector — Specializing in moving themselves via telekinesis instead of other objects, Vectors are able to move in and out of combat exhibiting a unique fighting style only they are capable of.
  • Zen Archer — Using their mental focus and psionic powers to extend the capabilities of their bows, Zen Archers are pinnacle marksmen capable of unique tricks.
  • Avatar — Using pyschoplasm to construct what is essentially an armored exoskeleton, Avatars are competent combatants and have no problems engaging in melee or mental combat.
  • Deranger — Having psionic powers means being able to make your mind manifest, so imagine what can be wrought when the mind in question is riddled with madness and lunacy?
  • Dreamsmith — Focusing on the mental state of a dreaming mind, Dreamsmiths are able to construct things out of dreamstuff and bring them to the real world for limited amounts of time.
  • Nocnitsa — Some individuals are able to channel nightmares into the waking world after attracting the attention of a dark passenger, a powerful nightmare being, that bestows vivid and terrifying powers upon them.
  • Cerebrugeon — Capable of understanding the way the mind works in tandem with psionic talents, their psychoanalysis gives them mastery of the id, ego, and super-ego.
  • Gun-sage — While firearms are deadly on their own, some mentalists are capable of using them as an extension of their mind, allowing them to apply their powers in new ways.
  • Bancho — Some mentalists specialize in boosting their social prowess, boosting their egos and also being capable telepaths. Concentrating on being able to read other's minds gives them unique insight.
  • Mindthief — With quick hands and wits, a Mindthief is capable of using their mental gifts to keep people distracted, their defenses down and their pockets empty. Some can even steal the deepest of secrets.
  • Bladeswarm — Mastering telekinesis allows a Bladeswarm to fight with multiple weapons at once, becoming a psionic warrior who specializes in bringing their weapons to life in a fight.
  • Thrallherd — To a Thrallherd, there are always those that have weaker minds that are just waiting for someone to give them direction. Whether this helps or hinders the thralls is another story.
  • Extrascient — While they may not be capable of psychic abilities on their own, an Extrascient has garnered the attention of a being that uses them as a sort of psionic lens, gifting them with power.

Spiritual Negotiators

  • Occultist — Ambient spiritual and psionic energies through the world can inhabit both places and things. Some can steal from the legends of the past to enhance themselves.
  • Exorcist — A variety of spirits, psionic beings, and remnant souls exist that wish to tamper with the physical realm. Exorcists specializing in protecting individuals from these beings and often ply their trade while wandering.
  • Tomekeeper — There are magnificent works of writing that embody the mind of their creators. Tomekeepers carry these books with them, using them to alter themselves, the battlefield and potentially their foes. Also known as Bocere.
  • Calavera — While some seek to fight spirits and other beings, the Calavera instead seeks to communicate with them and potentially aid them. Some spirits will repay this kindness, gifting the Calavera with quirks.
  • Sin-Eater — The souls and spirits that exist in the world can be powerful. A Sin-Eater knows this and will consume them to gain access to this power. Originally tied to the belief that said spirits would cause others to commit evil.
  • Revenant — Beings who have close ties to ghosts and spirits, potentially having died themselves. Embracing this can gain supernatural abilities similar to these beings, potentially taking forms similar to them for their benefit.
  • Brandshaper — Some individuals are able to leave a sort of mark or brand on others, a direct stain on a spiritual level. Masters of curses and affecting those they have branded, they can learn to use this ability beyond malediction.
  • Shayojir — Practitioners of an occult tradition grounded in the natural world, a Shayojir seeks favors from spirits so they made aid him. They learn the secret to shape new spirits, creating a shikijami - one that possesses a paper form.
  • Tzitzimime — The Primordial Moths blessed the Tzitzimime with gifts of chaos, yearning, and passion. Through self-transformation, they can communicate with spirits and eventually exist alongside them.
  • Mariner — Also called a Shantyman, a Mariner is an individual with a connection to the ocean that is on an almost spiritual level. Found singing shanties, luring kraken, and sometimes even being a decent sailor.

Maestros of Music

  • Bard — Fools, musicians, and loremasters - Bards are jacks of all trades, but masters of none. Their music bends minds and reality, taking a simple thing to new heights.
  • Battle-Dancer — Combining dancing-like movement with fighting prowess gives them an evasive edge in combat, all the while still being capable entertainers. They excel in flourishing combat maneuvers.
  • Songsmith — Taking songcraft to new levels, the Songsmith specializes in the musical arts and has much more potent abilities at their disposal. They are additionally talented in designing new songs.
  • Fenris — The Primordial Wolves' howls are said to have shaped worlds and moved stars, and they have taught these musicians their way. A more primal form of songcraft, but their howls still ring true.
  • Warrior Poet — Master storytellers, they learn the way of the hero by listening to stories while practicing the way of the hero by being a part of new stories still being written.

Tinkerers of Technology

  • Tinkerer — As a wizard experiments with arcane energies, so does the Tinkerer with technology. Gifted in the invention, design, and construction of various technological outlandish gadgets.
  • Pistolero — Quick of foot and trigger-finger, a Pistolero is an effective gunfighter that specializes in trick-shots. Capable of maintaining, repairing and upgrading their weapons.
  • Rifleman — Specializing in weapons that are long ranged, the Rifleman finds itself often in roles of combat support, aiding their allies and hindering enemies from afar.
  • Saboteur — Explosives are the Saboteur's specialty, capable of designing bombs, charges, grenades, and mortars that allow them to control the battlefield with hazardous glee.
  • Mechworker — Losing limbs and failing health is an unwelcomed but accepted part of life, but the Mechworker's specific skills allow it to construct mechanical replacements and upgrades.
  • Spellshooter — Arcane magic and technology are not mutually exclusive, and the Spellshooters are those crazed enough to design devices around that concept - though their ideas usually involve firearms.
  • Aeronaut — You've designed some sort of device that allows you to fly, which opens a new dimension of maneuverability to operate in and opens new possibilities in exploration, reconnaissance, and combat.
  • Mekgineer — The Mekgineer specializes in the construction of mechanical devices, specifically in various forms of automata. He can build his own companion, upgrade it and keep it relevant as they experience the world.
  • Gearbreaker — On planes where technology runs rampant, Gearbreakers are individuals who specialize in the understanding, destruction, and salvage of technological devices and beings.
  • Demolitionist — While others will embrace multiple areas of technological expertise, a Demolitionist excels in its ability to be used for wanton destruction.

Education and Acumen

  • Alchemist — Utilizing the natural components of the world around them, Alchemists are capable of creating various elixirs, potions, salves, decoctions, philters, stimulants and other things for various effects.
  • Fumigant — With a narrower focus, Fumigants focus on the direct application of more dangerous concoctions through specialized devices. This tends to lead to more worldly experience as well.
  • Juicer — Whether it be an illicit drug, an addiction to potions, or imbibing, being injected, or consuming any number of things, there are individuals who push their bodies beyond the norm.
  • Slayer — Through training or natural skill, Slayers have fundamental understandings of biology and anatomy which leads them to excel in exterminate a variety of creatures more easily.
  • Inkscribe — There is power in the ink, some say. Especially if you can control it. Through a combination of skill and arcane power, Inkscribes are capable of bringing their art to life.
  • Truewriter — At the abstract bottom of the universe, one can find concepts of a language used to describe and define things. Truewriters study these words in hopes of accessing their power.
  • Wordspeaker — Similar to those who practice Truewriting, Wordspeakers instead learn utterances of the language that makes up reality, allowing them to reshape the world with but a whisper.
  • Akashic — Across all worlds, there exists the records which are a compendium of thoughts, events, emotions, and memories. Trained Akashics you can access these to alter their knowledge and skills.
  • Annelidist — Symbiotes capable of a diverse number of things exist across the worlds and Annelidists share their bodies with them. Due to this, they are qualified healers and combatants.
  • Wander-Chef — Taking the quest for the perfect dish literally, the Wander-Chef is a traveler capable of creating amazing dishes with effects that near border on magical enchantment.
  • Brewmaster — Alcohol is universal and Brewmasters make it an art, their beverages inspiring courage and other effects carried within their magical brews. Unsurprisingly they are adept drunken brawlers.
  • Sawbones — With training as surgeons and apothecaries, many lives have been saved by a wandering Sawbones. Exceptional healers, their physical finesse doesn't leave them defenseless, however.
  • Plague Doctor — With so many worlds and living things it is only understandable that disease and plague can spread easily. Plague Doctors study pathogens to better understand how to fight them - or make them spread.
  • Massajist — Knowledge of pressure points and a body's focal points allows a Massajist to excel in pleasure or pain. Jokingly known as "combat masseuses", they use their hands to harm and heal.

Damned by Daemons

  • Cabalist — Though not fully understood, some have attempted some mastery and understanding over what exactly Daemons are so that they can use their own powers against them.
  • Mountebank — Daemons increasingly try to tempt beings with promises of power. Mountebanks find themselves in this position, but try to use their new capabilities to wriggle free from the contract.
  • Daemonhost — Sometimes a daemon will decide to try and influence the world directly, attempting to control a being personally. Sometimes they fight back, however, gaining access to daemonic powers.
  • Worldrender — Influenced by daemons trying to access the world, Worldrenders find they are able to temporarily rend abstract concepts of the universe which grants them unique talents and aptitude.
  • Remnant — Sometimes daemons or daemonic energy forces itself into reality where someone else happens to be. That person is trapped in a daemonic shell they can learn to control and harness.
  • Osteoth — An unfortunate circumstance of a daemon infesting a being's body but leaving their mind relatively intact, an Osteoth can warp their forms. Reshaping one's skeleton can come in handy however!

The Odd Ones Out

  • Fright — Masters of maskcraft, they create and utilize different masks to change their forms in a multitude of ways, granting them access to various forms and abilities.
  • Tarene — Adapted from a form of cardcraft, the Tarene is capable of using a deck of cards to draw power from. Given the random nature of their abilities, they tend to be inexorably tied to fate and destiny.
  • Shifter — Therianthropy tends to be a death sentence to many people, however, Shifters accept their fate and try to master it, getting all they can from their unique condition.
  • Mutagenist — Undergoing rituals to turn themselves into a form of mutant, Mutagenists are able to imbibe concoctions to alter themselves and push their minds, bodies, and souls to their limits.
  • Champion — Through some method, a Champion makes a connection to what is known as an animatra. Training with this being and drawing power, they can summon their animat to fight alongside them.
  • Wilderwych — Masters of wortcraft and herbalism, Wilderwyches are extremely capable of living off the land and are master survivalists and navigators. They are also skilled at animal handling.
  • Outsider — It is known that there are greater intelligences beyond the known borders of reality, and sometimes they decide to "bless" certain beings. Of course, the term "bless" is oft relative.
  • Stitchmaster — Many societies take trophies from the bodies of hunted beings, but some have delved into anatomy, biology, and surgery to graft parts of foreign creatures to themselves.
  • Protean — Often thought as a hurricane in a bottle, they point themselves at a problem and uncork the stopper... sometimes even managing to rid of the problem. Shapeshifters at the extreme.
  • Swarmlord — Primal Insects sometimes infest beings in an attempt to have them feed their swarm, but sometimes the infested beings are able to wrest control for themselves, creating their own swarm.
  • Scion — Whether from a forgotten age or crafted directly for you, your fate and destiny are bound to that of a particular artifact of exceptional power. Through it, you can master its own power and your own.
  • Wyrmic — Dragonkind is one of the most common types of magical creatures across the planes, referenced in almost every culture in some way. Wyrmics are those who try to adopt their powers for themselves.
  • Simulacrum — There are some who can learn the odd abilities of monsters and beasts and use them as they wish. Some take this a step further and eat these beings to go even further in gaining these powers.
  • Getimian — Some beings never develop any skills or abilities, they just seem incredibly lucky. Or maybe everyone else is unlucky? A Getimian can tap into this and modify luck and probabilities.
  • Pseudohistorian — Individuals who claim to come from secret histories, alternate timelines, or something similar. Oddly enough, their knowledge is still incredibly useful... and potentially dangerous.


  • [Color] Magus — Combining magical talent with martial combat prowess, a Magus is able to bring the might of both spell and sword to bear. Utilizing both allows them to approach problems in either way.
  • [Color] Stalker — Combining magical talent with skills of thievery and stealth, a Stalker is masterful in their craft and excels at getting in and out of places that regular thieves may have difficulty with.
  • [Color] Mind — Combining magical talent with psionic capabilities, Minds are capable of purely controlling the world around them to ensure that their wishes and desires come to fruition.
  • [Color] Singer — Combing magical talent with the skills of bardic music, Singers can sway the hearts and minds of crows and shape the world around them in ways regular musicians only dream of.
  • Paladin of [Child] — Representing one of the Divine Children, a paladin services them through martial might and combat prowess, enforcing the goals of the Child they represent and protecting their followers.
  • Prelate of [Child] — Representing one of the Divine Children, a prelate services them through psionic talent, often enlightening their fellow followers and truly spreading the message their Child wishes.
  • Agent of [Child] — Representing one of the Divine Children, an agent services them through roguish trickery and stealth, often doing things that are necessary but should not see the light of day.
  • Celebrant of [Child] — Representing one of the Divine Children, a celebrant services them through bardic music, bringing the message of their Child to the masses and reinvigorating their Child's followers.

Planar Concepts

Though the concepts above can apply to any type of character, there are many hyper-specific or regional concepts that exist in a cultural context across the planes. They exist in much smaller numbers than the ones listed above.

  • Kunuwotalo of Calinago — Kunuwotalo, commonly known as Tidehunters, are the wandering fishers tasked with taking down the larger creatures of the seas. Known for their skills with a harpoon, and some can shapeshift into sharks. A combination of martial prowess, Hydrotheurgy, and cooking, navigational, and tracking skills.
  • Kahukai of Kohola'Ohu — Kahukai, one type of Kahuna, are magicians with an almost religious role that are called upon to speak with water. The greatest of them can summon and dismiss storms, as well as survive on water alone. A combination of Hydrotheurgy, Aerotheurgy, and religious, survival, and crafting skills.
  • Mahōrigamist of Gajettokame — Mahōrigamists are magicians who use a unique and complex form of magic based on folding paper into complex shapes. They can either bring these creations to life or use them in a fashion similar to a scroll. A combination of Anitheurgy, Hemotheurgy, and crafting skills.
  • Akumukurai of Verdavent — Akumukurai are special warriors that excel in hunting down beings, monstrous or not, from the waking nightmare. Capable of traveling through dreams as well as divining them. A combination of martial prowess, psionics, and communication, divination, and navigation skills.
  • Pogrebalny of Koronuved — Pogrebalny are a type of exorcist that specializes in dispatching the undead through the use of a collection of bells as the tool of their craft. Each bell has a specific use, and some can affect the living as well. A combination of exorcism, Anitheurgy, Bardic talent, and navigational, ritual, and communication skills.
  • Vampiir of Taş — Vampiir are individuals who receive characteristics and abilities from vampires, and thus run the gamut in capability. As they still maintain their mortality, the weaknesses of their masters don’t affect them. A combination of Hemotheurgy, psionics, shapeshifting, and thievery and communication skills.
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