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Life generally comes in one of three types:

  • Sapient life has achieved sapience. Technically, sapience is the ability to think and solve problems; intelligence in the strict sense.
  • Sentient life has achieved sentience. Sentience is awareness, including the ability to experience pleasure or pain (or analogous drives and experiences) and make predictions about the future. A sentient being is sapient to at least some degree, and sentience is, in turn, a prerequisite for sophonce.
  • Sophont life has achieved sophonce. Sophonce is sentience and sapience with metacognition: self-awareness, including self-reflection and the ability to think about one's thinking.

Minor Sophonts in this categorical sense are sophont beings who haven't reached a level where they have a civilization that expands across more than one plane. Sophonts then could exist with a civilization across several continents of a world or in small tribal units. They could also exist across multiple planes, but have no civilization or political body that extends from one plane to another. Minor sophonts generally have limited rights on Planar Council worlds, depending on the plane in question.

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