Council Aligned Planes

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Terrus, Home of Humanity, Wose, Majin and the Basajaun
The Plane of Terrus
Humanity, Wose, Majin and Basajaun
Notable Terrusian Locations Terrusian Flora and Fauna
A large continental world, Terrus serves as the birthplace for Humanity. Several continents and a variety of climates span its surface, including some lands devastated through horrific magics in ages past. Once Terrus served as the capital and home of the Planar Council, though after the Planar Rebellions it no longer does so. Instead, Terrus is a member world as are all others, equal to any world. Though it has a lot of respect in the Planar Council still, it is responsible for the birth of the Recreancy.


Gōngjiā, Home of the Zuìgāo Elves
The Plane of Gōngjiā
Zuìgāo Elves
Notable Gōngjiān Locations Gōngjiān Flora and Fauna
An arid world, Gōngjiā finds most of its more habitable land towards its poles. Home of the Zuìgāo Elves and their cousins the Zuìxiǎo Elves, the latter being less evolutionarily developed and used as thralls by the former for labor and foodstuff. The Zuìgāo find themselves in a difficult place between their cultural beliefs of superiority and a Planar Council opposing slavery. Gōngjiān culture focuses heavily on self-improvement, with a major belief being that individual Zuìgāo must be the best they can be so that the Zuìgāo as a species can be the best.
Hridhybyli, Home of the Isalfur Elves
The Plane of Hridhybyli
Isalfur Elves
Notable Hridhybylian Locations Hridhybylian Flora and Fauna
Hridhybyli was originally warmer and more habitable but is now a boreal world due to the workings of a powerful Hydromancer. Home of the Isalfur Elves, with those who survived being the ones able to adapt to the changes of their world and maintain their civilization via arcane magic. Wizardry is an important part of many of the world's cultures, though after the "frozen betrayal" their civilization has understandably started to distrust magic. This shift away from arcane magic has caused a cultural upheaval as newer generations pursue other routes of progress.
Calinago, Home of the Karayib Elves
The Plane of Calinago
Karayib Elves
Notable Calinagon Locations Calinagon Flora and Fauna
A large atoll world, Calinago is home of the Karayib Elves who unfortunately have only stories of their past due to a cataclysmic event. Two of the moons orbiting Calinago shattered, leading to the glacial ice melting, flooding the world and only leaving islands of varying sizes. After the climate change, it is now considered a tropical paradise. The Karayib wonder if their myths hide truths implying an unknown purpose to the flooding of their world. Calinago consistently fights a stigma that it is more primitive than other worlds.
Pir, Home of the Saynai Elves
The Plane of Pir
Saynai Elves
Notable Pirrian Locations Pirrian Flora and Fauna
A dune world, Pir is rocky and covered primarily by sand and dust. Home of the Saynai Elves, the Saynai have been recovering from several millennia of interference from powerful beings who mantled themselves as divine figures. These figures shaped ancient Pir societies and directed the development of the Saynai. Originally they ruled over the Saynai directly but eventual rebellions led to them empowering certain individuals as puppet rulers instead. They too have been deposed, leading to a new era of freedom, though the Saynai now have a cultural paranoia.
C'alpulli, Home of the Oceloxo Elves
The Plane of C'alpulli
Oceloxo Elves
Notable C'alpullian Locations C'alpullian Flora and Fauna
A tropical world with intense wet seasons but long dry seasons. Home of the Oceloxo Elves and their civilization which dominates the surface. In their past, the Oceloxo held beliefs that sacrificing members of their society would increase their power, luck, and standing. This often led to sacrifices in the thousands when those in power felt weak. Instead, their recent divine pursuits have led them to having strong relationships with some of the Divine Children who actively bless the Oceloxo on C'alpulli without having to resort to sacrifices... at least in the open.
Asnocad, Home of the Xhimelech Elves
The Plane of Asnocad
Xhimelech Elves
Notable Asnocadian Locations Asnocadian Flora and Fauna
A small atacama world that is home to the Xhimelech Elves. Originally known as the Shadow Elves due to their odd multi-dimensional existence, the people of Asnocad only knew of their original forms through stories and legend. It wasn't until this century that adventurers caused an event that ended their split existence. Now physically complete, their new, questionably corrupted forms are far different than expected. As they are going through a period of grief and confusion from this across the planes, Asnocad is teetering on the edge of ruin and hope.
Gyyast, Home of the Ghost Elves
The Plane of Gyyast
Ghost Elves
Notable Gyyastian Locations Gyyastian Flora and Fauna
A large tepui world that finds itself in persistent fog and cloud cover. Gyaast is the home of the Ghost Elves who have evolved psionic capabilities to better survive in their environment. They are not alone; however, as other intelligent sophonts making their home on Gyaast. The conflict between the various sophonts has been frequent throughout Gyaast's history. Though the victors of previous recent conflicts, the Ghost Elves are recovering from an extensive history of a multitude of wars to claim dominion over all others on Gyaast and secure their place.
Faemascus, Home of the Gossamer Elves
The Plane of Faemascus
Gossamer Elves
Notable Faemascan Locations Faemascan Flora and Fauna
A massive bioluminescent world where very little light comes to the surface so the brightest days are like sunsets on other worlds. The Gossamer Elves that originate here have evolved from creatures able to tap into ambient magic. Though they can survive without it, the Gossamer and their cultures are tied to the arcane in a major way. As the levels of ambient magic have dropped over time, a societal shift has begun; turning away from the arcane and embracing other routes to achieve their goals. Why this is happening is still unknown.
Crainn Mactíre, Home of the Fhaol Elves
The Plane of Crainn Mactíre
Fhaol Elves
Notable Crainn Mactíren Locations Crainn Mactíren Flora and Fauna
A rocky forest world covered in megaflora forests and megafauna creatures, the Fhaol Elves that call Crainn Mactíre home realized quickly that to survive, they would need to take to the trees. Large portions of their entire civilization exist in the treetops with those below needing to live a nomadic lifestyle. Gigantic lupine creatures call the forest floors home, hunting in packs for anything they can eat. These creatures have begun to grow large, mutated forms and even displaying signs of intelligence rivaling the Fhaol.
Muzur, Home of the Gutter Elves
The Plane of Muzur
Gutter Elves
Notable Muzuru Locations Muzuru Flora and Fauna
A large tomb world where the surface has been nearly destroyed due to magical wars in the past. The Gutter Elves, as they are known, call Muzur home. Hundreds of years of lingering magical residue, radiation, and climatic damage have utterly destroyed the surface and changed the physiological makeup of all forms of life that come from Muzur. Some come to this world in search of relics, secrets, and magical weapons better left forgotten. Hopeful attempts have begun however to heal Muzur, though the possibility of this is still uncertain.


Gizrahauitha, Home of the Andazhu Dwarves
The Plane of Gizrahauitha
Andazhu Dwarves
Notable Gizrahauithian Locations Gizrahauithian Flora and Fauna
A massive "ossuary" steppe world, Gizrahauitha serves as the home of the Andazhu Dwarves. Covered with megafauna, the natives had to take to burrowing underground and into mountains to survive. Due to the number of dead megafauna over time, Gizrahauitha is teeming with spirits and the Andazhu developed a unique form of crafting referred to as "artificing" where they force spirits into objects to achieve their desired effect. Through these tools the Andazhu have successfully been able to down several of the massive kaiju on their world, securing more of the surface.
Os Ortos, Home of the Tor Dwarves
The Plane of Os Ortos
Tor Dwarves
Notable Os Ortosian Locations Os Ortosian Flora and Fauna
A large montane world where habitable life can be found on the sides of mountains but the peaks and valleys are uninhabitable. Home of the Tor Dwarves who found their civilization could thrive by tunneling into the mountains and have created an extensive tunnel network that spans the entire world. The societies of the Tor put great emphasis on ancestor worship and place great value on familial and clan beliefs. Being underground has allowed them to expand beyond the narrow areas that are habitable and avoid the more dangerous life existing on the surface.
Taqqiq, Home of the Illituyok Dwarves
The Plane of Taqqiq
Illituyok Dwarves
Notable Taqqiqi Locations Taqqiqi Flora and Fauna
A geothermal world that is leaving an extended ice age, Taqqiq is mainly frozen and desolate outside of pockets of life that form near geothermal vents that radiate warmth, water, and nutrients. The Illituyok Dwarves call this world home and survive by hunting larger predators that can survive the severe cold. Illituyok civilization is starting to bloom as their world gets warmer, exploring newly hospitable areas as they melt and become exposed. Though there are no records of what they could be, in recent centuries as the ice recedes there have been non-Illituyok ruins discovered.
Goldenar, Home of the Aurum Dwarves
The Plane of Goldenar
Aurum Dwarves
Notable Goldenari Locations Goldenari Flora and Fauna
Goldenar is a very odd world, one of the strangest found in the Planar Council. It is inside-out in a way, a massive structure of planetary size with a system imitating a sun complete with periods of both day and night. It is unknown if this is a Primogenitor relic or something they had found. The Aurum Dwarves originate here and are equally strange and complex, resembling living golems more than organic creatures. It is clear from exploration that the "world" is the inside of a sphere, though attempts to tunnel through have been unsuccessful.
Sipriyær, Home of the Bayou Dwarves
The Plane of Sipriyær
Bayou Dwarves
Notable Sipriyæri Locations Sipriyæri Flora and Fauna
A large mangrove world, the plane of Sipriyær is the home of the Bayou Dwarves. There is a very faint line between a lot of flora and fauna on Sipriyær, with many creatures and plants exhibiting signs of both. The Bayou, for instance, have chlorophyll and can supplement their diets with sunlight. The Bayou have always lived nomadic lives though as of late, offworlders have assisted in the creation of larger permanent settlements. Exploration is difficult on Sipriyær as colossal sea serpents roam the seas but are unable to find their way into the safer mangroves.
sil-Adnahrmal, Home of the Djinni Dwarves
The Plane of sil-Adnahrmal
Djinni Dwarves
Notable sil-Adnahrmalan Locations sil-Adnahrmalan Flora and Fauna
A small desert world, sil-Adnahrmal is the home of the Djinni Dwarves. Djinni civilization was primarily nomadic until a discovery came about that led them to create floating islands. On these new landmasses, the Djinni could control the climates which led to much more favorable conditions than the deserts below. Airships and other means of air travel are frequently used now and the sandy surface relegated to those deemed unfit to live on their airborne paradises. The Djinni culture leans towards preferring psionics over arcane magic.
Apracchana, Home of the Starshroud Dwarves
The Plane of Apracchana
Starshroud Dwarves
Notable Apracchanan Locations Apracchanan Flora and Fauna
A massive karst world where endless cave systems are found below an inhospitable surface. The Starshroud Dwarves call Apracchana home, though they are not natively from there. Myths and legends postulate they evolved on a dying world where the stars themselves assaulted their ancestors. While they could, they crossed through some sort of rift and ended up in the cave system, lost, dark, and frightened. Their cultures focus heavily on astronomy and sacred geometry. Apracchana seems to be filled with mysteries of its own, something the Starshroud actively investigate.


Orologeria, Home of the Brevegenio Gnomes
The Plane of Orologeria
Brevegenio Gnomes
Notable Orologerian Locations Orologerian Flora and Fauna
A larger highland world that is home to the Brevegenio Gnomes, Orologeria is incredibly mineral-rich. The Brevegenio were on the bottom of the food chain in their world for quite some time which led their ancestors to develop wit, intellect, and tool use to survive. These traits stayed with them as they progressed and the Brevegenio are known as master inventors, tinkers, and technologists. Some of their world, however, has been conquered by their inventions which seem to be developing intelligence and acting in ways not seen in normal machines.
Herensuge, Home of the Scaled Gnomes
The Plane of Herensuge
Scaled Gnomes
Notable Herensugen Locations Herensugen Flora and Fauna
Home of the Scaled Gnomes, Herensuge is a continental world with wetter climates being more common. Millenia ago many intelligent draconic beings made their home here and due to dwindling numbers, generated some hybrid species that eventually overtook most of the naturally evolving life. The Scaled Gnomes are mammalian creatures with some of this draconic influence. Due to this, dragons and their ilk have a large cultural relevance on Herensuge. Their chimeric ancestry has also caused an increased interest in anatomy and medicine, with biothralls being a new concept to explore.
Remar, Home of the Seer Gnomes
The Plane of Remar
Seer Gnomes
Notable Remarren Locations Remarren Flora and Fauna
Remar is a large ash world that is the home of the Seer Gnomes. Ignorant of the nascent creature that utilized their world as an incubator and growing within, life developed normally for a time. Upon its birth, the creature destroyed much of Remar and consumed it with its corruptive influence. The Seer Gnomes must consistently fight against this chaos-being in both the physical and mental realms, as it invades their lands and their minds. Its powerful psionic influence twists and warps both the landscape and the life on the surface.
Naraw, Home of the Inconnu Gnomes
The Plane of Naraw
Inconnu Gnomes
Notable Narawic Locations Narawic Flora and Fauna
A mycelium world covered in fungal forests and lichen fields, Naraw is the home of the Inconnu Gnomes. The Inconnu are a species that at one point was capable of crossing the star ocean between worlds, only to crash one of their vessels and end up stranded on Naraw. There was a civilization of native elves that referred to themselves as the Ffwng that unfortunately lost the many conflicts between the two peoples. The Inconnu still dream of peace with the Ffwng in the future though the Planar Council's decision that the Inconnu were the primary civilization on Naraw will make it difficult.
Gosma, Home of the Slime Gnomes
The Plane of Gosma
Slime Gnomes
Notable Gosmic Locations Gosmic Flora and Fauna
A small tidally-locked world with a narrow band of habitable land between intense cold and hot that serves as the birthplace of the Slime Gnomes. Life on Gosma never developed past that of limited multi-cellular life but exhibited some psionic potential. Upon interacting with explorers from other planes, some of this psionic ooze was imprinted with memories, personality, and knowledge over time. Their world shows that it was inhabited before the evolution of the Slime Gnomes, a mystery they are obsessed with. Gosma has recently become a hotbed for mining operations.


Luan Apach, Home of the Tséyi Folklings
The Plane of Luan Apach
Tséyi Folklings
Notable Luani Apachi Locations Luani Apachi Flora and Fauna
Luan Apach is a small mesa world that is primarily barren but supporting a flourishing hydrosphere of rivers that have cut an extensive canyon network. Though life can be found on mountains and in some forests, it would only be the river canyons that would support the Tséyi Folklings. The harshness of the land inspires the cultures of Luan Apach to respect the land and their holdings, especially as amphibious sophonts exist that vie for dominance in the river valleys and are a persistent threat. Some settlements exist on the back of massive creatures that wander the more desolate areas.
Koiteloidas, Home of the Moth Folklings
The Plane of Koiteloidas
Moth Folklings
Notable Koiteloidashan Locations Koiteloidashan Flora and Fauna
The Moth Folklings originate from the world of Koiteloidas, a large snow world that is primarily covered with glaciers except in the equatorial band that is covered in thick temperate forests. Koiteloidas has a moon with a very eccentric orbit, coming closest to the world every 43 years. Unfortunately, the world isn't one of rock and ice but is a living entity that wishes to conquer its host world! When the two bodies are at their perigee, swarms of creatures are sent to try and terraform the world more to the lunar being's desires, causing a predictable cycle of conflict.
Thaabotho, Home of the Rishi Folklings
The Plane of Thaabotho
Rishi Folklings
Notable Thaabothan Locations Thaabothan Flora and Fauna
The world Thaabotho, home of the Rishi Folklings, is an odd multidimensional world that exists in several states at once. Areas of the world fold over on themselves, seem larger than they are, or float like clouds above the landscape. The Rishi Folkling cultures have mythologies explaining a time when their world was lush and green but nothing as to what caused the shift into its present form. The weird state of the world and the odd creatures that have come to exist make Thaabothan life difficult. The world's current state is a gold mine for arcane research, however.
Soji-tax, Home of the Durukai Folklings
The Plane of Soji-tax
Durukai Folklings
Notable Soji-taxen Locations Soji-taxen Flora and Fauna
Home of the Durukai Folklings, Soji-tax is a massive continental world with many large continents on its surface. Originally slaves to an empire of cyclopean treefolk, the Durukai managed to raise a rebellion and capture several major cities leading to the founding of their very own empire. There are still skirmishes and battles that break out, but the Durukai have come a long way to securing their existence as something other than slaves. Finally able to control their destinies, the concepts of freedom and liberty permeate their cultures.
Jolenizaar, Home of the Absu Folklings
The Plane of Jolenizaar
Absu Folklings
Notable Jolenizaari Locations Jolenizaari Flora and Fauna
A massive lake world where a single landmass is covered with innumerable lakes, Jolenizaar serves as the home of the Absu Folklings. The Jolenizaari cultures all have myths of how they originally existed in the waters of the world and another race of people lived on the surface but something happened that caused their roles to reverse. The existence of a prophecy foretelling their return to the underworld permeates their cultures. Superstitions combined with incredibly predatory life found in the water has had a profound impact on the placement of settlements and their day-to-day life.


Sgèileàite, Home of the Bone Skinks
The Plane of Sgèileàite
Bone Skinks
Notable Sgèileàiten Locations Sgèileàiten Flora and Fauna
A large highland world that serves as the home of the Bone Skinks, Sgèileàite was originally far warmer than it currently is. Originally inhabited by a race of magically gifted serpent men, they tried to perform a ritual that would make the plane hotter but its failure caused the opposite to happen. Misty highlands hide countless ruins that hide magical secrets left behind by their former creators. The Bone Skinks are haunted by the remains of their plane's original masters, some of who are still alive even after tens of thousands of years.
Kohola'Ohu, Home of the Reef Skinks
The Plane of Kohola'Ohu
Reef Skinks
Notable Kohola'Ohuan Locations Kohola'Ohuan Flora and Fauna
Home of the Reef Skinks, Kohola'Ohu is a massive atoll world that is covered primarily with a shallow ocean. Remnants of previous civilizations can be found across the surface which brings in consistent tourism, researchers, and people looking to get rich. With a colossal biosphere and abundance of life, the inhabitants of Kohola'Ohu get to experience evolution in near real-time as the native life rushes for advantages over each other. Construction of larger floating cities allows offworlders to exist normally though the Reef Skinks enjoy an amphibious existence.
Soravex, Home of the Plated Iguanas
The Plane of Soravex
Plated Iguanas
Notable Soravexi Locations Soravexi Flora and Fauna
Soravex is a medium-sized outback world covered in primarily semi-arid shrublands with a few inland seas that serves as the home of the Plated Iguanas. Before joining the Planar Council the native inhabitants were concerned that their world was dying, becoming increasingly dry as centuries passed. The abilities brought from people from other worlds have not only brought a stop to this but has started to make the world more fertile and habitable. New generations have taken a keen interest in psionics, seeing it as an extreme force of self-reliance.
Inyokuzu, Home of the Hooded Serpents
The Plane of Inyokuzu
Hooded Serpents
Notable Izinyokuzu Locations Izinyokuzu Flora and Fauna
Inyokuzu is a small and cold mud world that is very active with high geothermal activity. Mud springs, volcanos, and rivers are common sights on the surface and can make survival more difficult. Home of the Hooded Serpents, Inyokuzu is infamous for having a dragon problem, dragon-kind taking a variety of forms and controlling large territories of land. Hooded Serpents have both revered and despised dragons as part of their culture and have an almost fabled reputation of excelling as slayers of dragonkind. The struggle against dragons on Inyokuzu belies a deeper, unknown truth.
Cusino Carino, Home of the Slaadeshi Chuckwallas
The Plane of Cusino Carino
Slaadeshi Chuckwallas
Notable Cusini Carini Locations Cusini Carini Flora and Fauna
Cusino Carino is the home of the Slaadeshi Chuckwallas and is a gargantuan desert world. Though vegetation is rare, precipitation can cause large areas to bloom and come to life. Food being scarce on Cusino Carino has led Sladeshi to develop a culture where the size of their body is a status symbol and the preparation of food is an important ritual. Wandering chefs adventuring to find and discover new ingredients to create new dishes are seen as heroes on Cusino Carino. As new worlds were discovered their voracious appetites for flavor and ingredients sent them off-world.
Nushe-Sesen, Home of the Sobek Crocodilians
The Plane of Nushe-Sesen
Sobek Crocodilians
Notable Nushe-Seseni Locations Nushe-Seseni Flora and Fauna
Nushe-Sesen is a medium-sized jungle world spread across several smaller continents. Acting as the home of the Sobek Crocodilians, a people undergoing a recent paradigm shift due to religious upheaval. Originally a very divinely inspired people, the native inhabitants worshipped massive beasts said to have come from the underworld. During a war between nations, one managed to successfully kill one of the rival godbeasts. Some feel the yoke of spiritual slavery has been removed, some now feel they must defend the beings they worship while others want to explore the underworld, a so-called "divine realm".
Mesonox, Home of the Gloom Geckos
The Plane of Mesonox
Gloom Geckos
Notable Mesonoxian Locations Mesonoxian Flora and Fauna
Mesonox is a tiny bioluminescent world that serves as the home of the Gloom Geckos. A world covered in darkness, Mesonox has an incredibly dense cloud cover and more often than not feels like near-twilight levels of brightness. Thankfully bioluminescence is a common trait and allows for a thriving ecosystem. The Gloom Gecko cultures view Animancy very differently than most other worlds, with the bodies of the deceased being mummified and used as tools for construction, defense, and agriculture. Slavery of the living is utterly despised.
Brontosaj, Home of the Slow Apatosaurs
The Plane of Brontosaj
Slow Apatosaurs
Notable Brontosajji Locations Brontosajji Flora and Fauna
A gigantic glaciovolcanic world, Brontosaj would be completely frozen if not for the intense volcanic activity. The Slow Apatosaurs evolved around the warm lakes, hot springs, and verdant lands around the volcanoes. As volcanoes would go through periods of activity and slumber, the natives realized that their fates were tied to the land and view the land itself as a sacred thing, one worthy of respect. Though originally highly nomadic, developments in psionics and divine prayer have allowed permanent residency of areas to become more prevalent.
Carnobataar, Home of the Regal Tyrannosaurs
The Plane of Carnobataar
Regal Tyrannosaurs
Notable Carnobataari Locations Carnobataari Flora and Fauna
An average sized world with large inland seas surrounded by vegetation with drier regions beyond, Carnobataar, a mediterranean world, is the home of the Regal Tyrannosaur. A rough and rugged world filled with large beasts, the natives had to fight to secure their place on their world's surface. The Regal Tyrannosaur took their brutal and violent tendencies found in their ancestors and turned them towards politics with kingdoms, duchies, and estates dotting their world. Periods without some sort of political conflict are rare as if it was an ongoing game of kings.
Gajettokame, Home of the Koopan Turtles
The Plane of Gajettokame
Koopan Turtles
Notable Gajettokamen Locations Gajettokamen Flora and Fauna
A medium-sized cold and rocky world where intense winds have hollowed out sinkholes and canyons, Gajettokame is an aeolian world. Unable to survive outside of areas safe from the intense weather, the world's native inhabitants, the Koopan Turtles, would dig down into the world and discover the potential of steam. Through technological pursuits, they have managed to prevail above their harsh world's climate. Entire underground cities, transportation networks, and heating systems have allowed the Koopan to shape the world to their desires, all while the freezing winds roar above them.


Verdavent, Home of the Heartwood Treefolk
The Plane of Verdavent
Heartwood Treefolk
Notable Verdaventi Locations Verdaventi Flora and Fauna
A large continental world, Verdavent is the home of the Heartwood Treefolk. An intense period of volcanic activity in the world's past forced life to adapt in a multitude of ways, including the Heartwood's ancestors. Originally incredibly territorial to those outside of their family units, Heartwood civilization would grow but always seem to be engaged in violent warfare. Eventually, their civilization collapsed with the advent of a blight affecting much of the life on their world. A new, non-violent culture arose from this which ensured the survival of their kind.
Grandiganosh, Home of the Razorleaf Treefolk
The Plane of Grandiganosh
Razorleaf Treefolk
Notable Grandiganoshen Locations Grandiganoshen Flora and Fauna
Grandiganosh is a gargantuan crag world, cold with most of its surface covered in polar ice, ocean, and large, scattered islands. Home of the Razorleaf Treefolk, a hearty people known for their wanderlust and wayfinding across the Grandiganoshen seas. With the world getting colder, the sea level has been lowering and revealing previously unknown lands. The Razorleaf are not alone, however, as several other sophonts have civilizations on the surface. One of these is a species of magmatic lithoid, one of the few examples of their kind. Sadly, they wish to wipe out the Razorleaf.
Qoe, Home of the Geniebranch Treefolk
The Plane of Qoe
Geniebranch Treefolk
Notable Qoen Locations Qoen Flora and Fauna
Home of the Geniebranch Treefolk, Qoe is a small living dendric world that is entirely made up of massive trees. It comprises multiple layers: the crust being the ground level, and beneath that are the twisting passages of the Deeproot that stretch below the surface. The Geniebranch cultures have openly embraced psionics and the best of their psions state they can communicate with Qoe itself. Many of the civilizations have a vertical existence, with Qoe’s branches reaching into the sky. Using crystallized amber, the Geniebranch have constructed massive flying cities that house their own intelligences.
Massivar, Home of the Titanseed Treefolk
The Plane of Massivar
Titanseed Treefolk
Notable Massivaren Locations Massivaren Flora and Fauna
Massivar is an immense gaea world that would be perfect if not for the massive size difference between life forms. Home of the Titanseed Treefolk who are giants amongst the sophonts of the Planar Council but minuscule on Massivar. Creatures typically the size of rodents tower over the Titanseed. The cultures of Massivar are typically focused on stealth, trackless movement, and adaption versus openly disregarding the environment. The Titanseed have eked out a civilization, however, using other “normal” sized life for sustenance and materials. How their world ended up this way is still a mystery.
Ifirsine, Home of the Emberbark Treefolk
The Plane of Ifirsine
Emberbark Treefolk
Notable Ifirsinian Locations Ifirsinian Flora and Fauna
A medium-sized primal world, Ifirsine is a plane of intense volcanic activity that has been slowing down in the most recent millennia. The Emberbark Treefolk originate here, though they are oddly complex for a world that has only recently stabilized its hydrosphere and developed a breathable atmosphere. As the surface still has extensive regions that are inhospitable, life has flourished on the mountains and underground. Emberbark civilization has followed suit, with now dead volcanoes acting as the perfect means to access life both above and below. Mineral wealth has made Ifirsine prosperous.
Genjimesh, Home of the Sandvine Treefolk
The Plane of Genjimesh
Sandvine Treefolk
Notable Genjimeshen Locations Genjimeshen Flora and Fauna
Home plane of the Sandvine Treefolk, Genjimesh is a smaller oasis world where a single landmass has one large body of water that supports vegetation. Life away from the water exists but is rare as rain barely makes it into the desert regions. The Sandvine have only recently been able to establish their civilization as they were originally slaves under an empire of desert-dwelling dwarves. Upon the first contact with the Planar Council, the dwarven empire was incredibly aggressive, but collaboration with the Council allowed the Sandvine to throw off the yokes of slavery and control their destiny.
Zhīshù, Home of the Spidersap Treefolk
The Plane of Zhīshù
Spidersap Treefolk
Notable Zhīshēn Locations Zhīshēn Flora and Fauna
A larger cascadian world, Zhīshù is covered with coastal forests and massive mountain ranges with a high frequency of violent storms. Home of the Spidersap Treefolk which, as a species, were created by the world’s original inhabitants: massive and intelligent spiderlike beings. The Spidersap, being artificial creations, are intended to function as tools for their masters but are given autonomy; their creators love their creations. Most Zhīshēn life is the creation of these creatures, serving different purposes. The Spidersap protect their creators above all else as their population dwindles in size.
Pedlassôrn, Home of the Goldentimber Treefolk
The Plane of Pedlassôrn
Goldentimber Treefolk
Notable Pedlassôrni Locations Pedlassôrni Flora and Fauna
As the home of the Goldentimber Treefolk, Pedlassôrn is a medium-sized monsoon world that is humid and rocky. With temperatures rapidly shifting, its surface is subjected to periods of intense rainfall and flooding or calm and dry weather. The summer months can spawn incredibly deadly hurricanes which have caused all forms of Pedlassôrni life, both flora and fauna, to be hearty and durable. The Goldentimber look upon their world’s weather with both fear and awe, a point that has shaped their civilization as they grew. Goldentimber Stormlords try their best to shape the weather to best suit their people’s needs.
Flèfantomac, Home of the Ghostflower Treefolk
The Plane of Flèfantomac
Ghostflower Treefolk
Notable Flèfantomac Locations Flèfantomac Flora and Fauna
Flèfantomac is the home of the Ghostflower Treefolk and a small underground world. The surface is inhospitable as there is no atmosphere, leaving it barren. Despite that, the world’s massive underground caves and tunnel systems are humid and home to lakes, rivers, and even oceans. Hosting an atmosphere has allowed an extensive biosphere to develop away from the world’s surface. The Ghostflower were originally parasitic and treated as slaves to another species of treefolk until they were so numerous that they overthrew their previous masters, stealing their civilization and their bodies. No longer parasitic, the Ghostflower pursue new destinies.
Nyggho, Home of the Starpetal Plantfolk
The Plane of Nyggho
Starpetal Plantfolk
Notable Nygghon Locations Nygghon Flora and Fauna
As the home of the Starpetal Plantfolk, Nyggho is a massive alpine world covered in mountains. Covered in snow and dotted with frozen lakes, you can still find hardy vegetation beneath the surface in some areas where liquid water exists. The Starpetal claim to have come from a different plane, but upon traversing the stars on the backs of massive creatures, they found Nyggho in a warmer state and stayed. While this story is yet to be proven, the surface is dotted with the monolithic remains of long-dead creatures with alien origins. They still struggle to thrive on the world they call their home, but prosperous civilizations can be found here.
Rthanguld, Home of the Raspcap Shroomfolk
The Plane of Rthanguld
Raspcap Shroomfolk
Notable Rthanguldi Locations Rthanguldi Flora and Fauna


Pelapradesh, Home of the Raja Goblins
The Plane of Pelapradesh
Raja Goblins
Notable Pelapradeshen Locations Pelapradeshen Flora and Fauna
Cullermark, Home of the Husk Goblins
The Plane of Cullermark
Husk Goblins
Notable Cullermark Locations Cullermark Flora and Fauna
Vitiran, Home of the Cruorskein Goblins
The Plane of Vitiran
Cruorskein Goblins
Notable Vitiranid Locations Vitiranid Flora and Fauna
Oddysipolis, Home of the Hellas Goblins
The Plane of Oddysipolis
Hellas Goblins
Notable Oddysipolisian Locations Oddysipolisian Flora and Fauna
Haggleshaw, Home of the Belfry Goblins
The Plane of Haggleshaw
Belfry Goblins
Notable Haggleshawian Locations Haggleshawian Flora and Fauna
Nüürs, Home of the Coalmark Goblins
The Plane of Nüürs
Coalmark Goblins
Notable Nüürsian Locations Nüürsian Flora and Fauna
Tahlyn, Home of the Saytrine Goblins
The Plane of Tahlyn
Saytrine Goblins
Notable Tahlyni Locations Tahlyni Flora and Fauna


Syratrate, Home of the Lavatongue Trollkin
The Plane of Syratrate
Lavatongue Trollkin
Notable Syratratic Locations Syratratic Flora and Fauna
Chirozotz, Home of the Vesper Trollkin
The Plane of Chirozotz
Vesper Trollkin
Notable Chirozotzi Locations Chirozotzi Flora and Fauna
Spathenees, Home of the Stonespine Trollkin
The Plane of Spathenees
Stonespine Trollkin
Notable Spatheneesi Locations Spatheneesi Flora and Fauna
Utsalesdi, Home of the Quechan Trollkin
The Plane of Utsalesdi
Quechan Trollkin
Notable Utsalesdic Locations Utsalesdic Flora and Fauna
Marj, Home of the Shaggy Trollkin
The Plane of Marj
Shaggy Trollkin
Notable Marjin Locations Marjin Flora and Fauna


Incarnadiib, Home of the Crimson Orcs
The Plane of Incarnadiib
Crimson Orcs
Notable Incarnadiibian Locations Incarnadiibian Flora and Fauna
Falcacci, Home of the Falconbeard Orcs
The Plane of Falcacci
Falconbeard Orcs
Notable Falcaccian Locations Falcaccian Flora and Fauna
Nimbar, Home of the Cloudcrown Orcs
The Plane of Nimbarrian
Cloudcrown Orcs
Notable Nimbarrian Locations Nimbarrian Flora and Fauna
Taş, Home of the Spirejaw Orcs
The Plane of Taş
Spirejaw Orcs
Notable Taşzano Locations Taşzano Flora and Fauna
Glōanan, Home of the Glass Orcs
The Plane of Glōanan
Glass Orcs
Notable Glōanan Locations Glōanan Flora and Fauna


Khỉnhà, Home of the Vanara Monkeyfolk
The Plane of Khỉnhà
Vanara Monkeyfolk
Notable Khỉnhàn Locations Khỉnhàn Flora and Fauna
Nazkatak, Home of the Omagort Frogfolk
The Plane of Nazkatak
Omagort Frogfolk
Notable Nazkataki Locations Nazkataki Flora and Fauna
Lungguk, Home of the Bufonura Toadfolk
The Plane of Lungguk
Bufonura Toadfolk
Notable Lungguki Locations Lungguki Flora and Fauna
Koronuved, Home of the Tsarsin Bearfolk
The Plane of Koronuved
Tsarsin Bearfolk
Notable Koronuvedi Locations Koronuvedi Flora and Fauna
Pāhyk, Home of the Taktaen Mantidfolk
The Plane of Pāhyk
Taktaen Mantidfolk
Notable Pāhyka Locations Pāhyka Flora and Fauna
Alqmir Yakwn, Home of the Moonglow Scarabfolk
The Plane of Alqmir Yakwn
Moonglow Scarabfolk
Notable Alqmir Yakwni Locations Alqmir Yakwn Flora and Fauna
Canclippin, Home of the Overrock Crabfolk
The Plane of Canclippin
Overrock Crabfolk
Notable Canclippino Locations Canclippino Flora and Fauna
Namazu, Home of the Silgoonch Fishfolk
The Plane of Namazu
Silgoonch Fishfolk
Notable Namazun Locations Namazun Flora and Fauna
Antaresh, Home of the Thos Jackalfolk
The Plane of Antaresh
Thos Jackalfolk
Notable Antareshi Locations Antareshi Flora and Fauna
Doggewelt, Home of the Alaunt Dogfolk
The Plane of Doggewelt
Alaunt Dogfolk
Notable Doggeweltian Locations Doggeweltian Flora and Fauna
Tasmantis, Home of the Ledan Penguinfolk
The Plane of Tasmantis
Ledan Penguinfolk
Notable Tasmantisian Locations Tasmantisian Flora and Fauna
Sōjōbō, Home of the Tengu Crowfolk
The Plane of Sōjōbō
Tengu Crowfolk
Notable Sōjōbōn Locations Sōjōbōn Flora and Fauna
Maratũs, Home of the Danzaraña Spiderfolk
The Plane of Maratũs
Danzaraña Spiderfolk
Notable Maratãn Locations Maratãn Flora and Fauna


Grails, Home of the Vade Griffonfolk
The Plane of Grails
Vade Griffonfolk
Notable Grails Locations Grails Flora and Fauna
Falisphing, Home of the Icari Phoenixfolk
The Plane of Falisphing
Icari Phoenixfolk
Notable Falisphingian Locations Falisphingian Flora and Fauna
Apotétás, Home of the Sinclari Manticorefolk
The Plane of Apotétás
Sinclari Manticorefolk
Notable Apotétási Locations Apotétási Flora and Fauna
Multimeer, Home of the Ternate Hydrafolk
The Plane of Multimeer
Ternate Hydrafolk
Notable Multimeerian Locations Multimeerian Flora and Fauna
Komainu, Home of the Shisa Foofolk
The Plane of Komainu
Shisa Foofolk
Notable Komainum Locations Komainum Flora and Fauna
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