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Magic Levels

Very Poor = darkred

Poor = red

Average = deepskyblue

Rich = green

Very Rich = lime


Council Aligned = #77BBFF BG

Friendly Third Party = #A2BC13 BG

Neutral Plane = #808080 BG

Aggressive Third Party = #EEAD0E BG

Recreancy Aligned = #DB2645 BG

Council Status

Council Aligned = #598CBF

Friendly Third Party = #798D0E

Neutral Plane = #404040

Aggressive Third Party = #B2810A

Recreancy Aligned = #A41C33

Class Type

Common > Uncommon > Scarce > Rare > Very Rare

Melee Combatants = #8F4700

Ranged Combatants = #3D3D5C

Those of Guile = #333333

Magic Users = #ADADAD

Practitioners of the Divine = #FFCC00

Masters of the Mind = #FF0066

Maestros of Music = #006B6B

Tinkers of Technology = #FF3300

Education and Acumen = #00B200

Damned by Daemons = #6600CC

The Odd Ones Out = #000000

Hybrids = #808080

Trigate Population Levels


Level Population Largest Settlement

0 <> Thorp

1 1000 Hamlet

2 4000 Village

3 7000 Small Town

4 10000 Large Town

5 20000 Large Town

6 30000 Small City

7 40000 Large City

8 60000 Large City

9 80000 Metropolis

10 100000 Metropolis

Damage Types


Slashing Piercing Crushing Bleeding Toxic Nature


Fire Cold Sonic Acidic Necrotic Warp Energy Electric Illusionary


Spectral Holy\Vile Psychic

Culture Details


Faction Icons

Planar Council

The Crystallar

Tresslak Maintained World

Vampire Counts

The Bone Watch

The Broadcast

The Recreancy

Abandoned Races

Ferrovale, Home of the Ironroot Treefolk The Plane of Ferrovale Ironroot Treefolk Notable Ferrovalen Locations Ferrovalen Flora and Fauna


Table: Ironroot Treefolk Skin 100:dark green 100:dark brown 100:dark gray 66:tan 66:orange 66:olive green 33:brown 33:gray 33:cinnamon

Table: Ironroot Treefolk Hair 100:green 100:dark green 100:olive green 66:lime green 66:yellow-green 33:blue-green 33:brown

Table: Ironroot Treefolk Eyes 100:green 100:red 100:yellow 100:orange 100:blue-green

Urenshi Por, Home of the Poisonthorn Treefolk The Plane of Urenshi Por Poisonthorn Treefolk Notable Urenshi Poren Locations Urenshi Poren Flora and Fauna


Table: Poisonthorn Treefolk Skin 100:white 100:paleorange 100:peach 66:tangerine 66:arylide 66:maize 33:apricot 33:ecru 33:khaki

Table: Poisonthorn Treefolk Hair 100:turquoise 100:blue-green 100:green 100:dark green 100:cyan 100:yellow 100:yellow-green

Table: Poisonthorn Treefolk Eyes 100:violet 100:blue-violet 100:blue 100:cornflower blue 100:blue-gray 100:cerulean 100:teal